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The Churchill Insurance Company was founded in 1989 by Martin Long. From its beginning, Churchill offered car insurance, but over time began offering other types of insurance. The company's mascot is the Churchill Dog, which was introduced in 1996 and this is used for much of Churchill Insurance's advertising and is most prominently featured on hot air balloons as well as the popular television adverts! In the United Kingdom, Churchill is a reputable and popular choice for those looking for car insurance cover.

Among its many insurance plans, all offered at premium savings with frequent online discounts, Churchill car insurance offers excellent cover for all risks and losses that a family might endure should a car accident occur. The company provides many benefits that make purchasing car insurance affordable, allowing customers to save money and still have peace of mind.

Churchill car insurance agents are always available and will promptly return phone calls and answer questions to help customers understand the basics of a car insurance policy and the insurance claims process, and they will take your concerns and needs into consideration when determining what policy fits your needs. They will also discuss discounts that may be available to you based on the type of car you drive, your driving record and other favourable factors that may lower your premium rate.

All Churchill car policy holders have access to Churchill recommended repair centres. If a customer has a car in need of repairs, Churchill will send someone to pick up the vehicle, and will let you know when repairs are finished. They even clean your car before it's given back to you! Churchill guarantee all repairs carried out by their approved repairers for as long as five years.

Churchill car insurance offers:
-Around the clock accident recovery.
-Five year guarantee on repairs using an approved repairer.
-Accident recovery 24 hours a day.
-Personal accident cover for comprehensive policyholder, spouse or partner.
-Personal belongings cover.
-Choice of Third Party Fire and Theft or Fully Comprehensive cover.

Optional extras offered for slightly higher fees may include:
-Legal assistance for small premium.
-Discount protection on no claim.
-Car to hire.

Anyone interested in Churchill Car Insurance may apply online securely and receive a quote. When calling for a quote have vehicle make, year and model on hand. It is also good to have the estimated annual mileage and value of the vehicle available, as well as the names, dates of birth and occupations of drivers. You will also be asked if there are any driving convictions over the last five years for all drivers, as well as the reasons behind the conviction. You will also be asked the date you would want the policy to take effect.


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